BuildIt! Commitment

It is hard to believe that we are through the final week of our BuildIt! campaign. This has been one of the most joyful, rewarding, and exciting times of this historical Church. The conversations, the stories, and the excitement that this campaign has brought our church is worth more than any dollar amount. 

As exciting as this is, we are not done! God is still working in the hearts of our Church. Sunday, May 21, was our BuildIt! Commitment Sunday!  There have been countless people who have paved the way for our Church to be where it is today, and now it is our turn to invest into the future! Our goal of $750,000 is well within reach, and we are asking that you would pray about what God would have you give toward this campaign! BuildIt! Commitment cards and envelopes were  handed out at our service on Sunday, May 21. If you were unable to attend, and would like to participate in this campaign, you still can!  please e-mail the church at

We are very excited to see where God is leading us as a church, and see where God is leading us individually in faith!